How do you handle pain and stress?
Massage - naturally!

David Hudson MFHT

Relaxation Massage

  • My Style
    With over 30 years experience of giving massage my style is almost unique using Advanced Massage Techniques even during a relaxation massage. It is deeper and more relaxing than most gentle rub-downs containing as it does the accumulated understanding of what individual bodies need.

  • I am comfortable with clients wearing as much or as little as they wish during a massage session. Some clients are simply uncomfortable even partially undressed while others prefer to be completely without clothes or even towels. I can adapt my style to your preference, but ... please, let me know when you book!

  • This massage is for relaxation, de-stressing, and handling general aches, pains and discomfort as well as emotional release.

  • The Benefits of Relaxation Massage

  • Improved Sleep
    More Energy
    Better Concentration
    Better Handling of Life Stresses
    Greater Flexibility and Range of Motion
    Improved Skin Condition
    Greater Resistance to Infection and Illness
    Well-being and Vitality
    You can read more about the benefits of massage HERE

  • The feeling of pleasure and relaxation received from massage aids the whole body in feeling more energetic. Muscles move better, joints work more smoothly, aches and pains reduce leaving you feeling revitalised all over. Sleep can improve and headaches reduce with the resulting feeling of well-being making you feel quite different, relaxed and happier.