How do you handle pain and stress?
Massage - naturally!

David Hudson MFHT

Advanced Clinical Massage

  • Clinical massage approaches general muscular and skeletal issues, such as shoulder girdle pain, frozen shoulder, low-back pain and, pre- and post-operation protocols that improve recovery and reduce scarring. It can also help with common sports related issues as well; tennis elbow, golfers elbow, etc..

  • The Benefits of Advanced Clinical Massage
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  • Faster recovery from injury

  • Greater Resistance to Illnesses

  • Faster recovery after operations

  • Greater flexibility and range of motion

  • Some thirty plus years ago I trained as a Finnish Massage therapist and have continued to use that training for friends and family until 2008 when I decided to improve my knowledge further and work professionally. My training as an Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist gives me a good knowledge of anatomy and muscular-skeletal issues, something which I am continually improving on.